Hi EP. Thanks very much for the help you gave me with renting out two properties for me.  Your response was quick and to the point. I like the favorable terms of your agency. It took me three months to realize that I’m better leave the renting out to the professionals. In this difficult market , it is very hard to do it yourself. So thanks again and I will recommend you to my friends and  co-workers.

Jack Dames – Bedford, WA

Dear Executive Properties,

Thanks for a job well done! We have had an extremely smooth sailing attempt to find a tenant and all credit to EP, for your amazing ‘selling skills’. EP made it all simple for us by stepping in and taking over a job we have done over the years but after our last experience with the past tenants we were more than happy for someone to step in and what a fabulous job you did! Thanks again most of all to YOU! We will definitely recommend your services to all!!

Caroline and Peter Lasrado – Applecross, WA

To the Executive Property Team,

I have dealt with Executive Property since 2008 where they have managed all my rental properties.

I have found them to be professional and proactive and across the market regarding rental trends, dealing with tenants, changes in legislation, and problem solving in a timely basis.

I would thoroughly recommend using the team.

Tony – Fremantle, WA

I have owned my investment property for about 14 years and have always managed the rental of the property myself. This has been both financially rewarding and severely stressful at different stages of the process.

When my last tenant told me that they were moving out, I advertised the house on Gumtree with very limited response. I was contacted by EP and they offered to take over the management of the property at a very reasonable fee and set-up costs. I was also able to get a higher rent than I was currently asking and there was minimal time when the house was vacant between tenants.

EP has been extremely efficient in handling all aspects required with leasing out a property. I could not be happier to have all the worries and stress of managing my own property turned over to the team at Executive Property.


Brian Loxton – Heathridge, WA

Executive Property Management comprises a dedicated team of professionals committed to managing our property as if it was their own.  Over some 16 years their attention to detail and effective communication has helped us maximise our investment.

Jane Barratt – Highgate, WA

I’ve had my property under management by Executive Property for a few years now.  In the day to day administration of the tenancy, troubleshooting, close-out, and finding new tenants EP have provided prompt and personal service – keeping the property occupied and in good condition.  I’ve been very happy with the service!

Andrew Duncan – Melville, WA

Rhett Brown is the quintessential personality in real estate. He has been my Real Estate agent / Property Manager for a magnificent property I had leased over the past year, and has proven to possess key qualities and so much more in having to deal with the day to day scenarios in renting a property.  From the get-go, Rhett’s warm personality and thoughtful approach put me at ease. He was very committed to understanding my needs and wants in a home and developed a very professional, yet personalised approach in assisting me. Rhett was dedicated to making sure I was comfortable in my new home, yet also incredibly respectful of the owner’s guidelines and standards to keep their beautiful property well looked after.

Rhett is at the top of his game and if it is a property to sell, lease or simply acquire sound real estate advise, Rhett is the man…I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Robbie Pittorino – Attadale, WA